Responsible Minerals (RMAP)


Project introduction:

The Responsible Minerals Assurance Process (RMAP), the original Conflict Free Smelter Program (CFSP), is committed to establishing a transparent mineral supply chain and sustainable enterprise interaction in the mineral industry, thus preventing the mining and trade of Minerals from becoming the cause of conflicts, human rights violations and insecurity.

Certification process

1. Customers contact us:

2. The customer signs a contract with RMI;

3. The customer completes the RMI pre review checklist;

4. We check the pre review checklist sent by RMI and quote, and the customer confirms and collects the review fees;

5. RMI confirms with the client the entity to be audited, and the client can clearly request us to audit;

6. The customer completes the data collection form;

7. On site audit;

8. Submit audit report;

9. Complete the rectification of nonconformities;

10. Certification decision;

11. Certification maintenance;

Our advantages

We have experienced auditors who can conduct RMAP audit smoothly and effectively. Our team can provide you with additional metal and jewelry services that can complement RMAP to meet your needs. With fast response and personalized customer service, we keep your project moving forward. For further information about RMAP or any of these additional services, please contact us.