CFCC certification


Project introduction:

Forest certification is a tool to use the market to promote sustainable forest management. It includes two basic contents, namely forest management certification (FM) and chain of custody certification (COC).

In 2001, the State Forestry Administration established the Forest Certification Office under the Science and Technology Development Center. In July of the same year, China Forest Certification Leading Group was established, headed by Jiang Zehui, a member of the Party Leadership Group of the State Forestry Administration and the President of the Chinese Academy of Forestry Sciences. At the same time, an office was set up to take charge of the forest certification work, marking the official start of the construction of the forest certification system in China.

In 2002, the State Forestry Administration began to organize the research and formulation of China Forest Certification Standards. In the same year, the State Forestry Administration and the Chinese Academy of Forestry Sciences were jointly preparing to establish China Forest Certification Center, a certification institution in China;

From 2005 to 2006, the first batch of forest certification pilots were carried out;

In 2007, the certification standards for forest management and production and marketing chain were issued;

In 2008, the Opinions on Carrying out Forest Certification was issued, the National Technical Committee for Sustainable Forest Management and Standardization of Forest Certification was established, and it was decided to officially launch the forest certification pilot work aimed at exploring China's forest certification system;

In 2009, the Implementation Rules of China's Forest Certification was promulgated;

In 2010, the leading group for forest certification work of the State Forestry Administration and the China Forest Certification Commission (CFCC) were established, the Guiding Opinions of the State Forestry Administration on Accelerating the Promotion of Forest Certification Work and the Guidelines for Forest Management Certification Audit were issued, the first training course for forest certification auditors was held, and the pilot work of forest management certification audit was officially launched;

In 2011, CFCC became a member of PEFC, further expanded the pilot scope, held a national seminar on forest certification, and carried out research on certification of plantations, bamboo forests, non wood forest products, forest ecological environment services, and production and operation of rare and precious species;

In 2012, the national standards for forest management certification and chain of custody certification were issued;

In 2014, mutual recognition with PEFC was officially realized.